Black Widow: Rachel Weisz is One Among Several Black Widows

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Marvel's San Diego Comic-Con panel had given us a good reveal for all the characters, and one of them is Rachel Weisz Melina. As it turns out, Melina was also in the Black Widow program, and she could very among several Black Widow assassins in the film.

Talking to IGN, Weisz herself confirmed:


"Well, I can tell you Melina has been cycled through the Black Widow/Red Room Program five times, by the time the film starts. She started being cycled through when she was a child."

"So, she's a highly accomplished spy and assassin. But I can't tell you her relationship to anyone else."

With the reveal of her character name, a lot of people were almost sure that Weisz's Melina is actually Melina Vostokoff, who was the Iron Maiden in the comics. It was said that she was overshadowed by the accomplishments of Natasha Romanoff and she branched out to become an independent assassin; even almost killing Romanoff one time.

Then again, Weisz and Johansson aren't the only Black Widows in the film. We might actually run into several other people who were in the program, Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova being one of them. Weisz says, "There is quite a number… I'm a Black Widow. Scarlet and Florence, there are also quite a lot of other characters that you meet who are also Black Widows."


With David Harbour playing the Red Guardian, it's really interesting to see how much backstory they can give Natasha Romanoff with this movie. For a character who's been in the MCU since 2010, it's pretty exciting to find out that we've barely scratched the surface on Widow's story.

Catch Black Widow when it hits theaters May 1, 2020.

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