Black Widow Has Finally Wrapped Production

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The Infinity Saga had closed with Spider-Man: Far From Home, and fans are looking to Marvel Phase 4 which will open with Black Widow. The film is set for an early release in 2020, and news has it that production has finally wrapped.

While there were rumbling about the film wrapping weeks ago, stunt performer Lucy-Jayne Murray had posted this on Instagram:

We don't know when we're going to get our first teaser for the film officially, but rumor has it that Marvel Studios will be dropping something in December. Seeing that Black Widow is set for a May release, a December teaser would make a lot of sense, with a full trailer coming sometime in February.


Of course, this is just speculation on my part. Disney could very much change the marketing plan depending on the box office climate at the time.

For now, everyone is excited for Black Widow to finally get her own solo movie. The film is set to take place shortly after the events of Captain America: Civil War and will show us some characters from Black Widow's past. If anything, the movie is likely going to introduce us to the new Widow in the form of Florence Pugh, and it's likely we'll get to see Natasha joining forces with Steve Rogers, building up to her being with them in Avengers: Infinity War.

Black Widow will open MCU Phase 4, and the movie is set to come out on May 01, 2020.

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