Black Panther’s Forest Whitaker Has A Plan On How To Return For The Film’s Sequel

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Black Panther.

Black Panther warrior and attendant Zuri might have sacrificed his life protecting T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) in the King of Wakanda's first standalone movie, but Forest Whitaker has a pretty fool-proof plan of bringing his character back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Speaking with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of his new film The Forgiven, Whitaker was asked how he'd work Zuri's demise and bring T'Challa's attendant back to the big screen.

According to the award-winning, critically-acclaimed actor the easiest way to bring back Zuri "would be like an Obi-Wan Kenobi" get-up, referring to how the Star Wars franchise occasionally brings back its Jedi by having them return as Force Ghosts.

Whitaker explains that while it's impossible for Zuri to return from the dead, the keeper of the heart-shaped Panther herb could be one "who comes back and talks from the ancestral plan to give advice to T'Challa."

It doesn't sound like a far-fetched idea, after all, T'Challa was able to reconnect with his father through the ancestral plane in Black Panther. Zuri could probably do the same, seeing how the attendant is also one of Wakanda's spiritual leaders.

Black Panther is currently screening in cinemas.

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