Black Panther: Killmonger Creator Praises Michael B. Jordan

Black Panther is still going strong and it looks like that's not going to stop anytime soon. Critics have claimed that it is the best film Marvel has ever made and it's not hard to see why, thanks to the film's strong characters and wonderful world-building. One person whose opinion might mean more than most is Don McGregor, one of Black Panther's most prolific writers and was the creator of Erik Killmonger, the film's villain.

During an interview with Nerdist, McGregor praised the cast of the film, with special mentions going to Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman. The praise to Jordan is huge when you consider how McGregor made the character back in the 80's. He also praised Angela Bassett as Ramonda, mentioning how he also created her character and was happy to see her in the film.

"Michael B. Jordan was great as Killmonger. The thing that actually struck me the most was that I love Chadwick [Boseman] as T'Challa. I always thought that T'Challa should have a quiet dignity. He doesn't have to raise his voice, he walks in the room and he's the guy. And if trouble's gonna happen, you want him there to come in and back your play. To have Angela Bassett playing Ramonda, another character I created, was so beautiful."

The Panther's Rage writer was also surprised to see another scene he wrote made it to the film; T'Challa taking down a Rhino. If anything, it shows how influential his run was to the overall film, alongside runs by Christopher Priest and Reginald Hudlin.

Black Panther is now showing in theaters. Fans of McGregor can also check out Black Panther Annual #1, which came out this week, featuring a new story by the writer.

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