Black Canary Gets Her Own Young Adult Novel from Random House

Credit: Random House Books

Credit: Random House Books

Introduced by DC Comics in 1947, Black Canary has become one of the most beloved characters and has made her way to tons of comics, television, and movies through the years. Another medium will be added to that list, as she'll be heading to the world of young adult novels!

In a new report from Deadline, Alexandra Monir will pen the first-ever novel about one of DC'S first female superheroes. Titled Black Canary: Breaking Silence, the book is set in a near-future Gotham City where women are denied the right to work, learn, and even make music, under the rules of the Court of Owls.

Dinah Lance eventually discovers the power of her voice and becomes the legendary hero, standing up and helping other women whilst romance blossoms between her and a new student named Oliver Queen.

Breaking Silence serves as the fifth book in Random House Books' DC Icons series. It's set to arrive on December 29th but pre-orders are already live. A cover from artist Jen Bartel was also released, showing off a cool and colorful piece.

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Credit: Random House Books

Aside from the challenges that Black Canary will face in the novel, it looks like Breaking Silence features the character's comics history, with the inclusion of Dinah's relationship with her father, her romance with Oliver, as well as her connection to music.

Are you excited about the Black Canary YA novel? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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