Black Adam's The Rock Reportedly Supports #RestoretheSnyderVerse Campaign

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The fever for Zack Snyder's Justice League continues as fans ask the restoration of the Snyderverse to see the sequels for the film. The film has kickstarted another social media campaign called #RestoretheSnyderverse. After the interview of WB CEO Ann Sarnoff seemingly closing the doors on the Snyderverse, fans only became more invigorated to see more of the films that will come after the movie.

Recent reports suggest that there are some heavy backers for the #RestoretheSnyderverse campaign. Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock is reportedly interested in the Snyderverse. According to scoops from Small Screen and Geekosity's Mikey Sutton, the actor is pushing Snyder's Justice League lineup to be back in other future movies.


Small Screen reported the information, which was later followed by a report from tipster Mikey Sutton with some additional information. Although the reports may seem baseless, there have been scoops and reports that Sutton was able to nail in the past. According to the report, Johnson is interested in facing off against the whole League in one of his sequels.

Johnson's movie is set to introduce the Justice Society of America. Apparently, the actor is pitching for an Adam vs. the Justice Society of America and Justice League event down the line. The report further noted that Johnson is not interested in a new Justice League cast, he wants to work with Snyder's cast.

The reports stated that Johnson loved Snyder's Justice League and recently sat down to watch all four hours of the movie. In addition, the actor is also good friends with Henry Cavill, where he has been pushing to face against the Man of Steel in the DCEU.

Now, the actor is interested to work with the rest of Snyder's cast as his favorite was the stars themselves, hoping to get the chance to work with them. Reportedly, the actor is a big fan of Jeremy Iron's portrayal of Batman's butler, Alfred.

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The report proceeded to reveal that Johnson contacted a number of executives at WarnerMedia to make this possible.

In the meantime, Black Adam is set to start filming next month and will be released in July 2022.

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