Black Adam Actor Noah Centineo Shows Off His Atom Smasher Body

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It looks like we'll be getting our first look at Black Adam during this month's Fandome event and fans are pretty pumped to see this pseudo-Shazam prequel, especially since it stars everyone's favorite actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Someone else who's pumped is Noah Centineo, who was recently revealed as the movie's version of JSA hero Atom Smasher as he decided to share his workout body for the film.

Centineo shared some shirtless pictures of himself on Instagram, cheekily asking if "he should start training again." Straight ladies and members of the LGBTQ attracted to men will probably say "Nah," while supposed hardcore fans are probably going to complain about him being too skinny. Either way, he's in great shape and we're sure that people are going to be hyped seeing him in action (and costume, ironically).

There's a very good chance that he was buff before getting the Atom Smasher role for Black Adam, not just because he's an attractive male in Hollywood and has to ensure he's always in good, marketable shape but also because he's still technically He-Man. Centineo was cast as He-Man for Sony's Masters of the Universe reboot some time ago but that movie's currently in production hell so it looks like The Rock's DC film will take priority, at least for now.

Black Adam is still slated for a December 2021 release so there's actually a lot of time before it's expected to come out. That being said, we wouldn't be surprised if a delay ends up happening, given the current situation and how poorly some countries have handled this pandemic. Let's all hope things get better.

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