Black Adam Could Build Up to Justice Society of America Movie

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Justice League was a big flop for the DCEU, but we could be looking at another DCEU team-up down the line—and it isn't James Gunn's new Suicide Squad. Rumor has it that DC maybe building up to a Justice Society of America (JSA) movie.

This comes from Discussing Film who said that the upcoming Black Adam movie could build-up to a JSA team-up movie. The site writes that should the Black Adam movie prove successful, the film would kickstart development for two films—Justice Society of America and Hawkman and Hawkgirl.


When it comes to the JSA, they're basically a superhero group like the Justice League, but with fewer A-listers in their roster. The team has Jay Garrick's Flash, the original Green Lantern Alan Scott, plus other heroes like Doctor Fate, Atom, and Sandman (not the Neil Gaiman one).

Billy Batson/Shazam has also been part of the group, plus Birds of Prey's Black Canary.

For now, this JSA movie is still a rumor, but I can see some kind of cinematic spin on the group. They could go the Guardians of the Galaxy route, and make them the underdogs of the DCEU. Then again, they could very well just be an all-new Justice League seeing that DC has put any plans for that franchise on hold as of now.

Black Adam is said to be looking at a March 2020 start date, but I'm guessing we could get a small teaser for the character in next month's Shazam!. After all, what good is a villain-centric movie if he isn't connected to the archnemesis hero?

Looking at you, Venom.

Catch Shazam! in theaters April 5.

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