Black Adam Actor Cites Doctor Strange as Inspiration for DCEU Role

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After years of being in the business including the iconic role of James Bond back in the '90s and early 2000s, Pierce Brosnan is taking his first-ever superhero role in the new DCEU film Black Adam by playing beloved hero Doctor Fate. So what exactly made the actor decide to take the role? As it turns out, it's all thanks to a certain MCU character.

Speaking with Variety, Brosnan revealed that it was Benedict Cumberbatch's role as Doctor Strange in the MCU that inspired him to take on his first-ever superhero role of Doctor Fate in Black Adam since he is a fan of the character as well as his sons who are also comic book fans.

"Doctor Strange. I loved Doctor Strange and my sons, who are comic book aficionados, would say, ‘Dad, Doctor Strange.’ Well, we all know who Doctor Strange is, and he is epically brilliant, Benedict [Cumberbatch]," he said. "But then you have the bookend to that and it’s Doctor Fate. And Doctor Fate is much loved, one of the senior members of the sorcerers world."

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Considering that his character is also a sorcerer just like Doctor Strange, it's not surprising to hear that Brosnan took the MCU character as his inspiration for taking the role. It also sounds like he has a huge appreciation of the comic book genre and his role here really enticed him to finally do this type of movie.

Based on the reviews that the film has received, Brosnan's performance as Doctor Fate is considered one of the highlights while some even declared him as the standout or the main MVP amongst the ensemble. This is definitely an impressive mark for the actor's first rodeo in the comic book genre.

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Black Adam is now showing in theaters everywhere. You can check more details about it here.

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