23 Jun 2020 2:15 PM +00:00 UTC

Bizarre The Mandalorian Toy Lets You Punch Baby Yoda

There have been various odd pieces of Star Wars merchandise released over the years, but a new toy might have topped all of those, with a Baby Yoda Bop It! that basically lets you punch The Child.

The new Bop It! (as shared by StarWars.com), cross-branding with Star Wars: The Mandalorian to create a Baby Yoda toy, lets you bop, twist, and pull the adorable creature. Yep, the gameplay is to bop this figure, as it becomes increasingly faster and challenging to keep up with it with your hands.

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Credit: Hasbro

This essentially references the season finale episode from the Star Wars live-action series where a Scout Trooper punched Baby Yoda in the head while he was held captive in a bag. The outlet notes that the commands to bop The Child will actually be given by Mando himself with the former making his trademark baby noises as a response.


This Bop It! is only one of the various bizarre Star Wars toys released over the years, so it isn't entirely surprising that a game urging you to "bop" the child exists.

This Baby Yoda Bop It! will be a Walmart exclusive, available for $14.99 to be released this fall.

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