Birds of Prey's Jurnee Smollett on Losing Her Black Canary Muscles for HBO's Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country has debuted on HBO Max and has already won over many, making it a classic in the making. Managing to handle the racism of North America in the 1950s and mixing in some neat Lovecraft-Esque supernatural stuff makes for an epic watch so if you haven't yet, check it out already. Birds of Prey fans will also be happy to see Jurnee Smollett as one of the lead characters where she is beautiful as hell.

Sadly, that came at a cost since Smollett revealed to Men's Health that she had to lose her Birds of Prey muscles for the role. Leti, her character in Lovecraft Country, is supposed to have more of a sprinter's body and fans saw that a ton in the first episode. We're sure she will build up some of that bulk again for a future sequel to the DC movie but the actress is still quite lovely.

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Credit: DC/Warner Bros.

If you haven't seen it yet, Lovecraft Country is quite good, managing to mix up the fantasy and horror that Lovecraft is known for while also tackling the ever-relevant topic of racism. This is also a neat shot at the author who, if you've read his books, was a known racist so that was a nice detail from HBO.

Check out Lovecraft Country right now on HBO Max. Birds of Prey is available now on digital stores if you're interested in seeing how Jurnee Smollett did as Black Canary.

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