Birds of Prey Will be Coming to Blu-Ray in May

Birds of Prey fans were overjoyed when DC and Warner Bros decided to release the digital version early since it meant that we now have something else to distract us from COVID-19. However, there are still fans who want to own the movie in a physical format and they are wondering when they can get it on Blu-Ray (and when it will be safe to do so). Seems WB knows what's up as they announced that the Blu-Ray will be coming out on May 12.

May seems to be the month when people will be able to go out again so it makes sense to see some releases there. While we aren't 100% sure that the virus will subside by then, it wouldn't hurt anyone to go to a mall, pick up the Blu-Ray, then leave right away. Hopefully.

While it wasn't a huge box office success, Birds of Prey does have a ton of fans and was able to make its money back. It's clear that fans would love to see a sequel of some kind since it didn't feel like a typical comic book movie. The film was funny, had some good action, and gave us a fun, albeit violent story about moving on from your ex.

Unfortunately, the movie is also something that a lot of neckbeards like to bash. Part of it is due to the all-female cast, while others hate that the women don't appear in revealing costumes. I wish I was kidding. Hopefully, Warner Bros doesn't listen to them and greenlights a sequel in the future.

Birds of Prey is now available on digital stores and will come to Blu-Ray on May 12.

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