18 Jun 2019 11:09 AM +00:00 UTC

Birds of Prey Teaser Poster Gives Best Look at The Film's Logo

Birds of Prey (and the Fabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) promises to be one of the more outrageous DCEU films coming out next year, and will also be less male gaze-y, which is gonna be interesting to see. Aside from one teaser trailer and a few posts here and there, we still don't know much about the upcoming movie, though at least it has a cast and director.

Well, fans who are going to be a part of CineEurope have spotted a new teaser poster for the film. It's not much, just showing an inflated version of the movie's logo, but this is our best look at the logo thus far and it does have a ton of personality. Hopefully, this movie lives up to our expectations since it could be a genuinely funny movie if done right.

The only thing we know about the movie is that Harley Quinn will be teaming up with Huntress and Black Canary. Some set photos have also shown Quinn bonding with Cassandra Cain, who is a future Batgirl, though she currently goes by the alias Orphan in the current DC series Batman and The Outsiders.

Currently, Birds of Prey (and the Fabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is scheduled for a February 7, 2020 release.

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