Do Eve and Aoi End Up Together in Birdie Wing?

Do Eve and Aoi End Up Together in Birdie Wing?

Do Eve and Aoi End Up Together in Birdie Wing?

Aside from the intense golf tournaments, what draws viewers to Birdie Wing is the blooming relationship between Eve and Aoi. Fans of the sports anime have been speculating that there is something more between the two. So, do Eve and Aoi end up together?

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Who Is Eve in Birdie Wing?

Who is Eve?
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Evangeline Burton is one of the protagonists of Birdie Wing. She is a survivor who used to bet on golf to get by.

Her past caused her so much trouble, explaining her tough exterior that matches her powerful playing style.

Her best move is called the Rainbow Bullet Eve, which she uses as an offensive attack.

This special skill allows her to use seven different attacks using the seven colors of the rainbow.

She also has the Rainbow Shot, a sure-fire shot that always earns a point.

Who Is Aoi in Birdie Wing?

Who is Aoi?
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On the other hand, Aoi Amawashi comes from a conglomerate family, allowing her to train at Raio Girls’ Academy golf club.

This helped her perfect her delicate and professional playing style.

With her talent, she is known as the Innocent Tyrant, as she can easily win with a smile. Her well-known move is the Shining Wing Shot.

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How Did Eve and Aoi Meet?

Aoi and Eve were both into golf, but what made them work together was when they became a pair during the All-Japan Girls High School Doubles Championship.

With their skills and confidence, they easily won against their competitors.

However, they started to get overconfident and used unnecessary risks to show off.

To complete their successful streak, the two continued to work as a team, improving their strategies and chemistry.

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So, Do Eve and Aoi End Up Together?

It is unclear whether Eve and Aoi will end up together in the series. Since Birdie Wing is an original anime, we do not have other content to check what happens toward the end of the story.

Fans can hope for an update regarding their relationship once Birdie Wing gets another season. But as of writing, Eve and Aoi are still on good terms.

In fact, fans were excited when Eve planted a kiss on Aoi’s cheek. But what does this mean?

Can fans expect more moments between the two? For now, only time will tell.

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