Biophysicist Actually Calculated if Thanos Would Survive Rectal Attack from Ant-Man

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Credit: Youtube/HelloThere

While Avengers: Endgame theories have been bouncing around here and there, one solution to Thanos' defeat which has gone viral has Ant-Man jumping into his ass and instantly expanding. While some think that the theory of a size-changing man killing a genocidal alien is crazy, a biophysicist with too much time on his hands actually did the math to see how possible it would be.

Alex Klotz, a scientist at MIT, told MEL Magazine about the ins and outs of what would happen should Ant-Man decide to jump into Thanos' rectum and just turn giant. Basically, it seems that expanding Thanos' butthole is the least of the problems, and the focus should be on whether Ant-Man can break through his pelvis. Klotz explains:

"Each tissue and connection in the body has its own strength and its own limits, so even if he can expand through the rectal wall, I don't know if, for example, the same could be said about breaking the pelvis."

But even if Ant-Man doesn't manage to kill Thanos with that move, it's possible that he could still incapacitate the Mad Titan. "Literally tearing him a new one will do plenty of damage in its own right...and at the very least [it'll] be extremely unpleasant," Klotz concluded.

There's actually a lot more to the study, and you can check it out here.

While I think they couldn't make it happen based on the movie's ratings alone, I have a feeling Ant-Man can still enter another orifice to stop Thanos. In the Ultimates comics, the Wasp crawled into the Hulk's skull to literally mess with his brain to knock him out. What are the odds that could happen in this film?

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