Billions Season 6 Episode 11 Release Date, Spoilers & Update: Inside Mike Prince's Head

Credit: Billions on SHOWTIME/YouTube

Credit: Billions on SHOWTIME/YouTube

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The upcoming episode of Billions will see an angry Chuck Rhoades return from his vacation with a fresh new plot to endanger Mike Prince's fortunes, with the stakes escalating with each one. Billions Season 6 Episode 11 is titled Succession and will premiere on Apr. 3. It will be the final episode before the sixth season finale.

Billions Season 6 Episode 11: What Would Mike Prince Do?

Is Mike out to play mind games with some of his teammates? Is there another reason he's doing what he's doing? Basically, he's going to notify Philip and Taylor that they're both being considered, which, as you might expect, will immediately put the two against each other.

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You can't be surprised, just as we aren't shocked that Prince would do something like this in the first place. Regardless of what he says, we don't see him leaving the game anytime soon.

The official synopsis for Billions Season 6 Episode 11, as released by Showtime, reads:

"Prince's plan is put in jeopardy when Chuck unleashes a new kind of attack. Meanwhile, a discovery sets off chaos at Michael Prince Capital. Prince makes an announcement that pushes the tension between Philip and Taylor to the boiling point."

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Billions Season 6 Episode 11: Wendy’s Big Decision

Speaking of individuals who are making decisions, it's pretty evident from this trailer that we'll be seeing more huge things from Wendy, who is going to make a decision that a lot of people aren't happy with. Meanwhile, Chuck will fight back as best he can - these last Season 6 episodes might have a lot of intensity.

Whatever occurs in Billions Season 6 Episode 11, you can bet it will be carried over into the season finale. This is the kind of concert that won't hold back, and we wouldn't want it to! We know the sixth season was divisive (mainly due to the absence of Axe), but these final episodes are a terrific way to tie everything together and set the platform for some exciting events later on.

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