Billie Eilish Make-Up: Here’s The Secret To Ocean Eyes Hitmaker’s Signature No Make-Up Look

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Credit: Vanity Fair/YouTube Screenshot

Billie Eilish has grown in front of the camera. She started when she was 14, and now she’s a complete grownup. Despite the years that have passed, she’s still known for her signature no make-up look.

For six years, Billie Eilish doesn’t only bless fans with her hit singles. She only exudes natural beauty that many envy. So, how did she do it? Here’s the secret to her no make-up look.

The Secret to Billie Eilish’s Incredible Glow

In an interview with Vogue, the singer’s make-up artist Robert Rumsey revealed the works he did behind his client’s look.

They have been together for more than three years and he reveals her look is just “very low-key.”

“We like to do flawless skin, moisturized lips, brushed-up brows and separated lashes. A little glow and some dimension,” she said.

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He always starts with her skin. Thankfully, the artist is conscious of her complexion and luminous skin comes from using multiple moisturizers.

He mixes it with oils to get the perfect glow without looking too greasy.

For her base, he keeps it light-handed and layered. “I love using products on the sheer side,” he said.

He opts for products with a “skin-like finish,” like fluid foundation, cream contour stick to lightly sculpt her face and a highlighter for extra highlight.

Billie Eilish’s Make-Up

For the make-up itself, Rumsey revealed Billie Eilish is fond of the ultra-natural look. She uses undetectable mascara that he brushes down to the root to define the last without making it look “too fluttery.”

In fact, the “Happier Than Ever” singer does it herself. Brow-wise, she’s thankfully blessed with a full and feathery one, so Rumsey doesn’t have to do much to it.

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“I just brush them up and use clear brow gel. We don’t ever tweeze or fill them in,” he said.

For her lips, he makes sure only to use the right amount of sheen and true to her style, everything is natural. So, he just uses lip treatment oil combined with a little lip cream.

The Changing Look of Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish’s look and style have changed over time, but one thing remains, she likes to keep natural.


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She has also shown her creativity through her fashion, as seen in her changing hair color.

From a blonde bombshell to a green-haired young lady, it can’t be denied that Billie Eilish could pull off any look that she wanted.

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