Bill Clinton Shock: Hillary's Husband Romantically Involved With Ghislaine Maxwell? Ex-POTUS' Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Deeper Than What The Public Knows

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Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, through a spokesman, vehemently denied that he has knowledge about the terrible crimes of Jeffrey Epstein. The multi-millionaire was accused of running a s*x trafficking ring where he paid girls as young as 14 to have s*x with him.

Angel Ureńa, Bill Clinton’s spokesman, took to Twitter to deny the allegations that the former president has anything to do with the convicted pedophile. He even detailed Bill’s experiences with Jeffrey.

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However, new reports claimed that Bill Clinton has been lying about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein from the very beginning. Uncovered White House documents, reportedly, revealed that Bill and Jeffrey were “thick as thieves.” Keep on reading to know more details.


Did Bill Clinton Lie About His Association With Jeffrey Epstein?

Globe Magazine, in its upcoming Jan. 10, 2022 issue, reported that Jeffrey Epstein visited the White House 17 times during the first term of Bill Clinton. The tabloid even claimed that Jeffrey drops, at times, even twice in one day.

White House logs from 1993 to 1995, reportedly, showed Jeffrey Epstein was granted remarkable access to the West Wing’s highest echelons. Most, if not all, can recall that it was Jeffrey who hosted Bill on his flying bordello the Lolita Express.

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It was even claimed that Jeffrey Epstein also communicated with most senior officials of Bill Clinton’s administration, including Robert Rubin and the late Senator Ted Kennedy. There are also reports that the convicted s*x trafficker possibly met Bill in the Oval Office.

The former commander in chief has reportedly tried to minimize his contacts with Jeffrey Epstein. However, Leon Wagener, as per Globe, insisted that Bill Clinton has been lying about his relationship with Jeffrey from the very start.

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The author of four Bill Clinton books stated:

“They bonded over s*x, women and cash, traveled together and worked together on Clinton’s foundation. The logs are the proof! Jeffrey Epstein very clearly targeted Bill Clinton because he knew that he was a guy who liked women and the attention of billionaires and people who have private planes and private islands. Bill was just a sitting duck!”

Though Bill Clinton allegedly claimed that insisted not doing anything wrong and knew “nothing about Jeffrey Epstein’s illicit activities, an unnamed insider said:

“Bill’s relationship with Epstein was far deeper than the general public knows. Clinton would introduce him as a trusted and respectable businessman to people who didn’t have any idea about what a depraved and twisted monster he was.”

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Furthermore, Globe reported records showed Bill Clinton’s administration officials, such as Mark Middleton, aide Karen Ewing, and Robert Rubin, signed Jeffrey Epstein into the executive mansion. However, according to investigators, Robert claimed he never met or spoken to Jeffrey.

Flight logs, as per Globe, reportedly showed Bill Clinton flew at least two dozen times on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, including a trip to southeast Asia, Europe, and a flight with Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker to Africa in 2002.

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An unidentified tipster told Globe:

“Bill often traveled on the Lolita Express and he got to spend time with former socialite [Ghislaine] Maxwell as well as Epstein. There were beautiful women by his side on this jet at all times, whose duty was to entertain Epstein and his guests – including Bill – when they were en route to the island.”

It was even reported that Bill Clinton was romantically involved with Ghislaine and photos, as per Globe, revealed she was a guest at the 2010 wedding of the former president’s daughter, Chelsea. Doug Band, Bill’s former aide, has also claimed the ex-commander in chief visited Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein at the financier’s island in the Caribbean.

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Amid all these allegations, Angel Ureña maintained that Bill Clinton only flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet four times and all instances were related to the work of the Clinton Foundation. Sources close to the former president also said, as per Globe, that he never set foot on Jeffrey’s Caribbean getaway island.

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation charity in 2006. The late billionaire became a registered s*x offender and served 13 months in jail for having s*x with a little girl in 2008.

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Former Cellmate Claims Bill Clinton ‘Liked His Women Mature’

Meanwhile, The New York Post reported a former Riker’s Island inmate revealed the type of women Bill Clinton allegedly liked. In an interview with the publication, William Mersey said:

“I asked him if Clinton liked his girls young. His emphatic response: ‘No. Bill liked his women mature.’”

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For starters, William Mersey was held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in lower Manhattan in 2019 prior to his transfer to Riker’s Island. The inmate reportedly shared a cell with Jeffrey Epstein and was ordered to watch over the late billionaire following his arrest for his suspected s*x trafficking of minors.

William Mersey revealed to the outlet:

“Jeffrey Epstein turned up July 2019. I had his 7pm to 11pm watch. Unlike Paul Manafort who’d been my celly, was in for 11 months and could handle it, Jeffrey was scared to death.”

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The former inmate of Jeffrey Epstein also shared some details about what the late financier was like in MCC before he committed suicide on Aug. 10, 2019. He said:

“Epstein was soft as a pillow and not prepared to handle this. He requested protective custody. He was scared and he did not get over it. Handling prison constantly occupied his mind. To sleep he’d place an orange prison sock over his eyes. Then one night, another watcher reported hearing the sound of tearing sheets. Conclusion was Jeffrey had killed himself.”

Bill Clinton has yet to comment on the claims saying that he has been lying about his real relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. He also has yet to respond to William Mersey’s bombshell revelation on his alleged taste in women. So, devoted supporters of the former commander in chief should take all these reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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