Big Brother Season 23 Predictions: Xavier Could Win If He Doesn’t Stay True To His Final 2 Deal With Kyland

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Credit: Big Brother/YouTube

Big Brother Season 23 is one of the most intense seasons for the hit CBS reality TV show and not because everyone disliked each other. Instead, all the contestants used their strategies throughout the season without any fear of breaking promises.

Did Kyland make a huge mistake by trusting Xavierin Big Brother Season 23?

The latest case in point has to do with Xavier and Kyland. Before Xavier became this week's Head of Household (HOH), Kyland had all the power, and Tiffany and Hannah tried to convince him to keep them in the game.

Tiffany and Hannah told Kyland that it would be a huge mistake if he votes them out because ending up in the final two chairs means he would most likely lose to Xavier. Unfortunately, Kyland didn't listen.

Kyland said he wants to end up in the final two chairs with only the best of the best from this season, and that's Xavier. And he's right – but only if he would even have the chance to compete against him in the finale.

Xavier wants Kyland out of the Big Brother house

Now that it's every man and woman for themselves, Xavier plotted to get rid of Kyland because he doesn't want to compete against him in the finale. Xavier is aware of how strong Kyland is because he has had a lot of wins throughout the season.

Kyland also has an excellent social game, so there's always a possibility that he could bring home the $750,000 grand prize. As such, Xavier is determined to get rid of Kyland while there's still a chance for him to do so.

However, the only way for Xavier's plan to work is if Big D would agree to take a shot at Kyland, who happens to be one of his best friends in the house. Unfortunately, Big D didn't want to target Kyland because he's worried about not getting his vote when he becomes part of the jury.

Still, this didn't stop Xavier from putting Kyland and Azah up for eviction. And the only chance for Kyland to stay in the game is if he wins the Power of Veto (POV). Unfortunately, Xavier won the POV, and he decided to keep the nominations the same.

Will Big D vote to keep Kyland or Azah in Big Brother Season 23?

This week, Big D will find himself in a very tough spot because he is the only one who can either vote to evict Azah or Kyland. Since he's close to both of them, his vote could go either way.

Xavier seems to be succeeding in his attempt to let Big D do the dirty work for him, and he will. And if Big D decides to send Kyland to the jury house, this means that he, Azah, and Xavier are this season's top 3.

If Kyland gets to stay in the game, there's a chance for him to also take a shot at Xavier after realizing that he's not going to pull through with their final two deal. This scenario will make the competition even more exciting, but no one knows for sure what will happen because it's all up to Big D.

If only Kyland listened to Tiffany and Azah and kept them safe over Xavier, he might still be in the game at the end of this week. However, there was also a double elimination last week that could've sent him packing.

For now, one can only wait for Big D's decision, which will air on CBS live on Thursday. The finale episode for Big Brother Season 23 will air on Sept. 29, and all the jury members and former houseguests will return for a chance at winning $25,000 if they are named as America's Favorite Player.

Will there be another season of Big Brother?


Big Brother has been on the air for several years. And it seems it will continue airing for many more. Even though CBS has not yet officially renewed or canceled the reality TV show, it will likely return for Season 24 next year.

It is also possible for CBS to air a new season of Celebrity Big Brother or Big Brother All-Stars, which featured returning houseguests from the previous seasons.

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