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B.I Announces Half Album 'COSMOS' + Asks How Love Filled The Universe With Happiness

b.i half album cosmos
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B.I has just announced his half album entitled COSMOS, which will be filled with emotions and sympathy about what love is and the different perspectives of humans when talking about it.

As a perfect gift for fans on his birthday, October 22, the genius singer-songwriter revealed a teaser video titled “What Is Your COSMOS” on his official social media account.

Through the video, B.I invited several people of various ages to answer the question, “what is your COSMOS?”

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According to the teaser video description, COSMOS explores the love that makes a person dream about eternity and gives everything without expecting anything in return. Here is the full report for B.I’s upcoming half album, COSMOS:

"When we were young and naive, love meant everything to us and it can change our lives and create new universes. The love that makes my heart race and makes me stupid enough to jump into fire fuels the energy of my cosmos.

B.I’s half album “COSMOS” explores the love that makes me dream about eternity and to give everything without anything in return.

What was the love that gave birth to new cosmos in your life?

Who was it that made your heart race to the point of bursting?

This is the story about the times when unadulterated love filled the universe

And of different forms of love-fueled passions."

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B.I Asks “What Is Your COSMOS?”

The people in the video responded sincerely when asked, “what is your cosmos?” They all cited precious things to them, and it was a healing experience witnessing them reminiscing about the most important events in their lives.

One participant in the video responded that the cosmos is when you go to bed after a long tiring day and right at the moment before you start dreaming. Some also mentioned their family, a cat’s eyes, and their pet dog, who takes all the worries and tiredness away.

Along with the sensuous visual that the participants presented, B.I also left a deep impression. When it was his turn to answer, the video ended, further heightened the half album release anticipation.

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B.I Reveals Tracklist For Half Album COSMOS

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B.I added excitement to global fans with the unveiling of the tracklist for his half album COSMOS.

According to the tracklist image, the half album will consist of a total of seven tracks. This includes the title song "COSMOS" and "Buddy Buddy," which will only be heard through the CD. Other tracks are "NINETEEN," "NERD," "Lover," and "Flame."

Meanwhile, B.I’s half album COSMOS is expected to be released on November 11, 2021, at 6:00 PM KST. This return will be the first time after about five months since his first full album Waterfall in June 2021.

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