Bethesda Officially Announces Rage 2, Teaser Trailer Released

The hits just keep coming from Bethesda. Last year we got a double dose of greatness from the company, with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Prey. Now, after numerous leaks, Bethesda has officially announced Rage 2, releasing a teaser trailer and confirming that a gameplay trailer will be coming out tomorrow.

As fans can see from the trailer, it's clearly inspired by the likes of Mad Max, which isn't a huge surprise since the first game was too. It's a pretty cool cinematic and should get the attention of players, thanks to some catchy rock music and the promise of gameplay tomorrow.

How Rage 2 will improve from the original should be interesting since most thought that the first game was a pretty average experience. It was certainly playable and looked nice but the gameplay wasn't particularly refreshing. This is probably due to the release of Borderlands, which had a much more appealing visual style and a similar Mad Max-like world.

It is odd seeing Bethesda announce a sequel to a fairly average open-world game, though it seems like the first sold well enough to justify a sequel. Considering how the first Rage came out in 2011 the developers, who have yet to be announced, sure took their time.

Rage 2 will get a gameplay trailer tomorrow. Will it also get a release date? We will have to wait and see.

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