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The Best BL Anime on Hulu To Watch

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The Best BL Anime on Hulu
Credit: J.C. Staff

Hulu may not be everyone’s first choice to look for anime shows, but it still boasts over 300 shows in its library. Ever since the deal between Disney and Sony Pictures took place in 2021, Hulu continues to stream old and new anime titles. So, if you’re looking for more choices, you can watch some of the best BL anime on Hulu as well!

Boys Love, or BL anime, is one of today's most popular genres. After it has been accepted by the anime community, new shows are released on a regular basis to meet the growing demand of fans.

If you're unfamiliar with the BL anime genre, it has two sides. One for the softies, and one for the hardcore fans. It is ultimately up to you to choose your poison!

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  1. Stars Align

    Stars Align is an anime that is well-praised by a lot of fans for its progressive mindset about the LGBTQIA+ community. 

    The show did not shy away from addressing sensitive issues in a way that felt genuine and humane rather than forced. This anime will undoubtedly make anyone happy, as it discusses topics such as gender identity and being yourself.

    Stars Align is a 12-episode anime produced by Studio 8-bit, which also created Encouragement of Climb and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

    The sports anime contains numerous LGBTQ themes, making it ideal for fans of the BL genre.

    The anime follows Toma Shinjou, a high school student who is fighting to keep his tennis club open. To save the club, Toma seeks the assistance of Maki Katsuragi, a reluctant but naturally gifted student.

    Will they be able to keep the tennis club and play one final match?

  2. King of Nabari

    This anime, which was produced by J.C. Staff, is a must-watch for BL anime fans. King of Nabari, also known as Nabari no Ou, is a 26-episode anime that combines action, comedy, drama, and supernatural elements.

    King of Nabari is a show that does not shy away from broaching difficult subjects. From finding one's personal happiness to finding peace and apathy within oneself, King of Nabari is worth watching.

    The anime follows Rokujou Miharu, a 14-year-old boy who is endowed with Shinrabanshou, the most powerful technique known to ninja clans.

    Due to his ability, Miharu is often attacked by ninja assassins. With no choice left, Miharu decides to join the ninja club at school, where he is under the protection of his fellow students and his English teacher.

    It turns out that they have pledged to protect Miharu at all costs as secret Banten Clan ninjas.

  3. Antique Bakery

    While the author of Antique Bakery explicitly stated that his work is not BL, Yoshinaga Fumi identified the series as a shoujo manga featuring gay characters.

    In that regard, the anime is still deserving of inclusion on this list because it depicts the growing relationship between male characters.

    Due to its success, Antique Bakery has been adapted into a South Korean film as well as a Thai television series. However, the anime adaptation of the manga has been criticized for its poor animation quality.

    Nonetheless, Antique Bakery was one of the first anime shows to realistically address homosexuality.

    The anime follows Tachibana, a former office worker who opens a bakery for unknown reasons.

    Tachibana deals with his everyday life in the bakery with the help of his employees – the extremely talented patissier Ono, the former champion boxer Eiji, and his childhood friend Chikage – while struggling to keep his past from haunting him.

  4. Love Stage

    If you're a die-hard BL anime fan, you've probably seen Love Stage at some point, or perhaps, you've already seen it several times that your fingers aren't enough to count how many times.

    Regardless, this 10-episode TV anime produced by J.C. Staff still hits differently now. It was one of the first anime shows to not oversexualize its main characters.

    Unlike other BL anime with explicit content, Love Stage is relatively mild, though it contains numerous trigger warnings such as homophobia, sexual assault, and victim-blaming.

    The anime follows Izumi Sena, an aspiring manga illustrator who was born into a family of entertainers. When Izumi was forced to appear in a commercial dressed as a woman, his co-star Ryoma fell head over heels for him.

    Despite knowing Izumi's true gender, Ryoma pursued Izumi at every opportunity he could get.

  5. Black Butler

    Black Butler isn't exactly a BL anime, but it has enough BL elements to be perceived as such. Black Butler is primarily a supernatural and shounen anime produced by A-1 Pictures in 2008.

    It is one of those shows that introduces a new generation of BL fans to the series. After all, the Ciel x Sebastian ship is still going strong.

    The anime is set in Victorian England, where the Phantomhive Estate's young count resides.

    Ciel and his head butler, Sebastian, are not your typical pair. Sebastian is a demon bound by a contract with the young count – shaping the story behind their master-servant relationship.

  6. Junjou Romantica

    Junjou Romantica, one of the most well-known BL anime to date, is a product of its time. There were only a few anime titles to choose from back then, and Junjou Romantica was just waiting for someone to pick it up.

    Fans of BL had mixed feelings about it. Some couldn't stand it, while others couldn't wait for the dubs. In any case, Junjou Romantica is one of those shows that contributed significantly to the genre.

    Three different relationships are the focus of the anime. One is about the relationship between Misaki, a high school student, and novelist Akihiko.

    The other is between Hiroki, a university professor, and Nowaki, a helpless student. The last and third relationship is between a recently divorced educator, You Miyagi, and a wealthy teenager, Shinobu Takatsuki.

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