The Best Anime Movie Dubs of All Time

The Best Anime Movie Dubs of All Time A Silent Voice
Credit: Kyoto Animation

The Best Anime Movie Dubs of All Time A Silent Voice
Credit: Kyoto Animation

What makes a good anime movie dub? It’s the dialogue and the performances of the voice actors that make the experience more enjoyable. So, if you're tired of reading subtitles and just want to relax at the end of a long day, we've got you covered with the best anime movie dubs of all time!

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  1. Redline

    An intergalactic racing competition called "Redline" takes place in a futuristic and colorful universe full of unique and interesting extraterrestrial creatures.

    It gathers all of the galaxy's talented and self-absorbed racers to compete in the most exciting and deadly race ever for all of the glitz, glamor, and fame.

    However, the competitors must not only eliminate their fellow racers, but they must also fight a full-fledged military force that is giving everything they have to stop the race!

    Redline is Madhouse's visual and aesthetic explosion, a film that has been a decade in the making, which shows in the high level of animation that they fused into the anime.

    It's an electrifying and adrenaline-pumping anime film full of thrilling sequences!

  2. Tokyo Godfathers

    If you're looking for a new Christmas anime film, you should check out Tokyo Godfathers! It's not your typical Christmas film that slams Christian values or the message of Christ's birth in your face at every turn.

    It takes four main characters, each with their own personality and backstory, to care for an abandoned child and find its true family.

    Tokyo Godfathers features realistic characters who, while not perfect in every way, are quite honest and believable in their own back stories and points of view, just like real people.

  3. Patema Inverted

    It's strange how anime films slip under the radar, and despite having a unique premise, Patema Inverted is one of the most underrated anime films out there.

    Taking this into consideration, it delves into the concept of subjective gravity and the mystery of an inverse world.

    Consider looking up in the sky and seeing people walking around and doing their own thing invertedly. Doesn't that sound intriguing?

    In Patema Inverted, see the world through the eyes of Patema and Age as they try to understand their differences and the mysteries of their origins.

  4. Garden of Words

    Garden of Words is a fantastic anime film that deserves a lot of praise. It has aesthetically pleasing visuals, gorgeous backdrops, and a fantastic musical score.

    Given how detailed and flawless the visuals and illustrations are, the film's animation is clearly its selling point.

    Garden of Words is a film that exemplifies one's passions and dreams in life. At the same time, it attempts to provide the audience with a much better understanding of themselves and how to become better people.

    It's also a film that gives everyone hope—perhaps a place or a passion to cling to when all else fails.

  5. The Boy and the Beast

    The Boy and the Beast by Mamoru Hosoda has timeless folklore and storytelling that will always be remembered as some of the best in the industry.

    The heart that the creators put into this anime film is obvious, as evidenced by the beautiful animation, the musical score, and the well-thought-out dialogue of each character in the story.

    Ren runs away from home and comes across a strange alleyway that leads him into the Beast World.

    There, he meets a variety of humanoid animals who can talk and do whatever they want.

    Ren meets a bear-like man who wants to win a local tournament so that he can be reincarnated into whatever he wants in life.

    They begin training together, and the two of them form an unbreakable bond.

  6. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

    What would you do if you had the ability to travel through time? Will you use it for your own benefit or to help others?

    As the title suggests, this anime film follows Makoto, an ordinary, clumsy high school girl who discovers she has the ability to time travel.

    From this point forward, she begins going back in time to resolve her personal issues in order to avoid embarrassing herself in front of others.

    Unfortunately, we all know that when using a powerful ability like time travel, there are always consequences and a butterfly effect.

    That is when conflicts arise, and Makoto must act to resolve them before they worsen.

  7. Summer Wars

    Summer Wars is a very creative anime movie that is perfect to watch during the summer. It is set in a fictional world where the vast majority of the population becomes dependent on a simulated reality and/or virtual world called Oz.

    Imagine living in a virtual world similar to Oz, where you can do anything you want, such as going to school, shopping, or even visiting hospitals.

    With the power of Oz, anyone can be whoever they want and achieve whatever they want!

    Kenji is an ordinary young man in Summer Wars, except that he can crack near-impossible computer encryption codes with his mind.

    When his crush, Natsuki, invited him to her summer trip, Kenji realized he was only invited to play the role of her fiancé.

    But that's not the main issue; Kenji receives a coded message from an unknown sender and is challenged to crack it.

    Kenji was able to do it effortlessly because he is a math genius and a part-time Oz moderator, but little did he know, it would put Earth in grave danger!

  8. Millennium Actress

    Satoshi Kon's Millennium Actress examines reality through the eyes of an elderly woman whose previous work as an actress was influenced by her life's journey.

    The simplest synopsis for Millennium Actress is as follows: Two men interview an elderly woman for a documentary about her former acting career.

    This synopsis may appear simple, but it only scratches the surface of what the film has to offer the audience.

    Millennium Actress tells the story of Chiyoko Fujiwara, a young and flourishing actress who abruptly retired at the peak of her career.

    When a director and a cameraman visited her home and took an interest in her former career, Chiyoko revealed her memories blended with all the films she starred in.

  9. Paprika

    While Perfect Blue is Satoshi Kon's debut film, Paprika is his final film, and the majority of fans believe it is his weakest work.

    Despite this, the anime film is a surreal exploration of dreaming and the subconscious mind, depicted in bizarre imagery and disorienting visuals that may intimidate and overwhelm others, particularly the uninitiated.

    Paprika is about a woman who uses a special device called the DC Mini to enter someone's dream and explore and analyze their dreamscapes.

    However, while still in development, the DC mini was stolen and ended up in the hands of the wrong people.

    Expect a lot of major dream sequences, abstract visuals, and images that will trick your mind.

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  10. Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue depicts the horrors of reality through the eyes of a Japanese pop idol turned actress. It follows Mima, a Japanese pop idol who decides to pursue acting as a career change.

    That's when one of Mima's ardent fans attacks and torments her, causing Mima to lose her grasp on what's real and what isn't in the world. She also triggers a doppelganger who refuses to let go of her previous life.

    Satoshi Kon's 1997 anime debut, Perfect Blue, exemplifies his interest in exploring what it's like to exist as two separate beings.

    This anime film will make you anxious and question whether your experiences are real or not.

    It is not for the faint of heart, not because it is frightening, but because it demonstrates a thorough understanding of the human psyche and how to manipulate it.

  11. A Silent Voice

    A Silent Voice is a stunning anime film that will have you in tears. It has a fantastic story that delves into childhood, adolescence, peer pressure, bullying, and friendship.

    It also has characters with incredible development who will have a significant impact on how you view your life in general.

    It's the story of a young boy in sixth grade who begins bullying his deaf classmate. He makes fun of her every day, to the point of yanking out her hearing aids just to humiliate her.

    This bullying caused the girl to transfer out of school, and the young boy became traumatized as a result of what he did to the girl.

    Fast forward, and the young boy learns sign language as he attempts to track down his deaf classmate in order to apologize and receive redemption.

  12. Your Name

    Have you ever felt as if you're missing out on something important in your life as if half of your soul is elsewhere? It's as if you want something but can't get your hands on it no matter what you do.

    In Your Name, a young boy and a young girl from Japan have their bodies switched.

    They learn to appreciate each other as they spend more time on each other's bodies and learn more about their lives.

    Will they be able to regain control of their bodies? What will happen if they cross paths?

  13. Wolf Children

    Mamoru Hosoda's Wolf Children will go down in history as one of the most heartbreaking yet wholesome anime films ever made. It follows an ordinary woman who falls madly in love with a mysterious young man and marries him.

    The man is the last generation of a wolf lineage, and he can transform into his wolf form at any time of day, unbeknownst to the woman.

    To her surprise, the woman became pregnant and gave birth to two wolf children.

    The story becomes more interesting at this point, as the mother tries to raise her children while keeping their secret hidden from the public.

    In a world full of judgmental people, how can a mother raise her special children?

  14. Akira

    Akira is an epic masterpiece, widely regarded as the forerunner of the cyberpunk genre, thanks to its technological aesthetics combined with political and psychological themes, as well as social commentary.

    It is a cult classic that introduced the world to the anime industry, and it is still relevant today, having inspired many anime and films.

    It takes place in Neo Tokyo in the fictional year of 2019 when a young man named Tetsuo is involved in a bike accident with a powerful esper.

    Tetsuo gained insane psychic and telekinetic abilities as a result of this incident, which he used to awaken a powerful entity known as Akira.

    It is up to Kaneda, Kei, and his colleagues to stop Tetsuo at all costs and prevent Akira's awakening.

    This anime film will demonstrate how technology is progressing while humanity and morality are regressing.

  15. Studio Ghibli Movies

    How can you not enjoy Ghibli movies? If you want to watch an anime film, Studio Ghibli has it all: a flying witch, a Japanese princess, a moving castle, and so on.

    Studio Ghibli films are so iconic and timeless that you can't leave the planet without seeing one.

    Each of Studio Ghibli's films is a must-see because of the nostalgic animation, relaxing and soothing atmosphere, beautiful world-building, and overall execution of the plot, albeit simple.

    So, which Ghibli film is your favorite?

There’s always been a huge divide between fans of anime dubs and subs. But, after a while, you get tired of subs and want to hear your favorite anime characters in English dub as well.

At the end of the day, it is up to you, not your peers, to decide how you want to experience your anime.

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