29 Jul 2020 12:15 PM +00:00 UTC

Ben Shapiro Complains About Star Wars’ Female Heroes Because It’s 'Essentially A Little Boy’s Property'

Conservative political commentator, host, and attorney Ben Shapiro has struck the Star Wars franchise again on The Ben Shapiro Show.

Speaking with one of his fans on his daily political podcast and live radio show about Star Wars, Shapiro essentially pinned down the franchise as one for men, implying that it's wrong for Disney to allow women to take the lead in the galaxy far, far away.

The topic came up when one of Shapiro's listeners asked the attorney what he wanted to see in the next Star Wars trilogy after the "failure" of Disney's Star Wars sequel movies.

"The truth about what makes the Star Wars universe interesting is the Dark Side of the Force," Shapiro tells a fan who calls to ask the commentator what he'd like to see in the next Star Wars trilogy, "All the focus on the Jedi is a lot less interesting than the focus on the Dark Side of the Force and its seductiveness. And so I guess the High Republic is supposed to be like the prequels. It's based on other Jedi, which is fine, I mean that's all fine. They haven't rolled down exactly how SJW this is all going to be."


Shapiro is entirely against how "SJW" Disney has been with the franchise, saying that it's ridiculous for Disney to focus on female heroes because a large majority of the people following Star Wars are supposted to be men.

"I know that Disney, kind of imagined in years and decided that they were only going to have female heroes from now on, which is absurd because Star Wars is essentially a little boy's property," the right-wing political commentator went on.


The idea that Star Wars is essentially for men is outrageous, of course. The Star Wars fanbase is diverse just as it is humongous. We don't understand why Shapiro would want to discriminate against the many, many female fans of the galaxy, far, far away.

Besides, Star Wars has produced strong female characters even before Disney took charge of Lucasfilm. Take a look at Leia and Ahsoka.

What are your thoughts on Shapiro's latest hot take on Star Wars? Let us know in the comments section below.

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