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Ben Affleck's New DCU Involvement Confirmed; Is He Part of The Brave and The Bold?

Credit: WB

James Gunn and Peter Safran have begun mapping out the first 10 years of the DC Universe and this week, the DC Studios duo has unveiled some of the projects that will be part of the exciting slate. To the delight of many, flagship characters like Superman and Batman will be the headlining characters in Chapter One dubbed "Gods and Monsters".

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Credit: WB

Speaking of the Dark Knight, the studio will be taking a different approach to the character with Damian Wayne aka the fifth Robin already being added to the mix. As part of their presentation, Gunn and Safran revealed that a new film titled The Brave and The Bold will reunite Batman and Robin on the big screen, over 20 years after the dynamic duo's last live-action outing together.

Obviously, Ben Affleck won't return to reprise his role as Batman in the DCU but in a shocking turn of events, it appears that the doors aren't completely shut on his return to the franchise.

On the official DC website (via ComicBookMovie), Gunn confirmed that they've been negotiating with Affleck about joining the franchise in a behind-the-scenes role. According to the DC Studios co-CEO, the former Batman actor is really eager to direct one project and while he didn't reveal what it was, we'd like to assume that it's The Brave and The Bold.

Gunn said: "We're working with Ben Affleck, who really wants to be a part of our architecture team, trying to bring things together. And he really wants to direct one of our projects and we're looking forward to him doing that."

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Affleck's tenure in the then-DCEU has been a rocky one, to say the least. Before exiting the franchise in 2019, Affleck was slated to star in a solo Batman film directed by Matt Reeves which would later spawn into The Batman. Obviously, there's unfinished business for the actor and the idea of him directing the caped crusader's next big-screen adventure sounds tremendous.

Key details about The Brave and The Bold have not been disclosed. Meanwhile, the DCU's first chapter begins with Superman: Legacy which is currently slated for release on July 11, 2025.

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