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Ben Affleck Uncomfortable With Jennifer Lopez’s Recent Interview? Jennifer Garner’s Ex-husband Allegedly Pressured by Marry Me Star’s Neediness, Dependency on Him

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez just had a huge wedding ceremony months ago, but they are already plagued with all sorts of unfounded rumors about their marriage. Most recently, there are claims that the newlyweds are facing yet another hiccup in their relationship after Lopez sat down for an interview with Apple Music.

During the interview, Jennifer Lopez made some shocking revelations about her relationship with Ben Affleck. She also shared some never before heard details about their failed romance years ago, as well as their decision to call off their engagement.

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Ben Affleck Uncomfortable With Jennifer Lopez’s Recent Interview?

But according to Heat World, some of Lopez’s stories did not sit well with Affleck. After all, the dad of three didn’t think it was a good move to share such private details about their relationship with the public.

“Ben isn’t going to censor what J-Lo’s allowed to say when she wants to give interviews, but it does make him feel a little uncomfortable that she’s gone into such graphic detail about their highs and lows. Going over old ground and recounting deeply personal experiences they had in the past isn’t his style at all. He gets that she finds it cathartic to share details of their love story and how they got their happily-ever-after fairy tale, but it’s still awkward and over the top as far as he’s concerned. He knew what he was signing up for in that J-Lo wanted to shout about their love from the rooftops, but talks about how she felt she was going to die when they broke up the first time. That’s on another level entirely,” the source said.

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Jennifer Lopez Needy, Totally Dependent On Ben Affleck?

The magazine’s source also claimed that Affleck is forced to deal with Lopez’s neediness and dependency on him, which is another issue in their marriage.

“J-Lo makes no secret of her neediness, she’s totally dependent on Ben and doesn’t cope well if he’s away from her for any length of time whatsoever. This has always been her way in past relationships, but there’s a sense that with Ben she’s still got that insecurity that lingers from when he jilted her in the past and no matter how solid they are even all these years later, it’s a scar that’s unlikely to ever fully heal. It’s a lot of pressure on Ben and he’s well aware that the onus is on for him to stick around and make this last. It’s up to him to make it work,” the source said.

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Marc Anthony Thought Jennifer Lopez Was Insensitive For Gushing Over Ben Affleck Nonstop?

The source also claimed that Marc Anthony wasn’t also thrilled when he heard Lopez gushing about Affleck during her interview. And the musician allegedly thought it was insensitive of Lopez to say those things about her new husband.

“Marc is happy with his new life and moved on long ago, but of course, he and Jen are in touch all the time about the kids. He has no beef with Ben and wants nothing but the best for Jen – but it’s coming across as insensitive that she’s constantly gushing about Ben being her soulmate and making it painfully apparent that she was clearly still pining for this guy even when she was married to him. Luckily, as far as Marc’s concerned, it’s just Jen being Jen. She’s an incurable romantic and as long as the kids are OK, then he’s willing to let it go,” the source concluded.

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