Ben Affleck: There Will Be Sexual Tension Between Wonder Woman And Batman

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By the end of Batman v Superman, we see Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince coming together to find the other meta-humans to form the Justice League. There was an ongoing romance between Wonder Woman and Batman in the JLU cartoon, and Ben Affleck confirms that that same chemistry can be found in the upcoming Justice League as well.

Ben Affleck had a chance to talk to Entertainment Weekly, and they wrote:

For the actor, the team-up film offered the chance to explore Bruce's relationship with other characters, to "play the dynamics, the sexual tension with Wonder Woman, the regular old tension with Flash." What about Aquaman? "You can't be around Jason Momoa and not have sexual tension," Affleck admits.


Thanks to BvS and Wonder Woman, we know that Bruce and Diana have no hang-ups when it comes to sleeping with other people, and it would be fun to watch the tension grow between the two of them. Sure Steve Trevor was also a man of action, but how does he really compare with Batman?


In other comics, Wonder Woman is usually paired up with the likes of Superman, and as per an argument in Mallrats, Diana is the only one with a uterus equipped to handle Kryptonian sperm. Check it out:

The two even plan to get a kid in the Kingdom Come comic with Batman being asked to be godfather.

Growing up with the JLU tandem first, I'm a fan of the Wonder-Bat pairing, but I wouldn't oppose to a love triangle with Superman. Then again, Flashpoint could also give us a Wonder Woman/Aquaman tandem as well—let's just remember that affair lead to an all-out war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons.

Justice League comes out Nov. 17.

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