Ben Affleck Predicts Movie Theaters will Revolve Around the MCU and Other Franchises

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Credit: WB

It goes without saying that the superhero genre has dominated the world of cinema for over a decade now and the idea of comic book films not being a fixture in movie theaters is something unfathomable to a lot of people. Despite that, critics predict that "superhero fatigue" will eventually come into play but as it stands, huge franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe continue to prove that there's no such thing.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

While some people in the industry have criticized the oversaturation of superhero films, actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck understands the genre's appeal when it comes to audiences and according to him, the future of movie theaters will revolve around them and other big franchises.

Speaking with his good pal and frequent collaborator Matt Damon via Entertainment Weekly, the former Batman actor predicted the future of movie theaters, saying that they're most likely going to be for the younger folks who are into the Marvel Universe and other franchises. Affleck even admitted that movies like his Oscar-winning project Argo won't stand a chance at the box office if it was made today.

Intriguingly enough, he didn't mention the DCEU. He explains: "If I had to bet, a drama like Argo would not be made theatrically now. That wasn't that long ago. It would be a limited series. I think movies in theaters are going to become more expensive, event-ized. They're mostly going to be for younger people, and mostly about 'Hey, I'm so into the Marvel Universe, I can't wait to see what happens next.' And there'll be 40 movies a year theatrically, probably, all IP, sequel, animated."

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Affleck raises a pretty valid argument and who better talk about the impact and significance of superhero films than the man who has starred in multiple comic book film projects himself. To those who don't understand the appeal of said films, there's really nothing you can do about it because at the end of the day, it's still the audience that gets to decide what they want to watch.

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