Ben Affleck Has Reportedly Signed Batman Contract for HBO Max

Credit: Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.

With Zack Snyder's Justice League soon to arrive on HBO Max, DC fans are excited for what's to come in the future following its release. There's more news to come in the upcoming DC FanDome event that ought to get the fans excited, and it looks like the addition of Ben Affleck's potential return is in the cards.

That is according to The Cultured Nerd, revealing on the LightCast podcast that Affleck has signed on a new contract to return as Batman. Not only that, but the outlet also claims Affleck will make additional appearances related to HBO Max and Zack Snyder Justice League movies.

The outlet claims the official announcement is expected to take place either at the DC FanDome or the JusticeCon event, adding that it will happen before September. In addition, the outlet says "everybody" will be brought back as well, which is said to be a plan made because of Snyder.

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Credit: WB

Allegedly, Affleck's return as Batman is because of not wanting to take away from Robert Pattinson's Batman, who is set to star in Matt Reeves' upcoming movie. With Snyder back in "full force," the outlet says Affleck decided to sign back on as the Dark Knight.

As exciting as this may seem for many DC fans, this is only a rumor and it should be taken with a grain of salt. Various actors who have played the beloved character have been rumored to return as well, with Affleck seemingly content as of the moment with his exit as Batman.

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