Batwoman Teaser Reveals First Look at the Arrowverse's Hush

Credit: The CW Network

Credit: The CW Network

Things are heating up in Batwoman as a fan-favorite Batman villain faces off with Ruby Rose's Kate Kane for its 19th episode!

The CW recently released a preview for Batwoman's "A Secret Kept From All the Rest," which teases the Arrowverse debut of Thomas Elliot, AKA Hush, one of the Dark Knight's deadliest enemies. Gabriel Mann plays the bandaged-faced foe for the 19th episode and will face off against Batwoman in search of an item that's essential in deciphering Lucius Fox's journal.

Seen in the video above, the show features a comics-accurate version of Hush, with his bandaged face and a pair of silver handguns. Making his first appearance in 2003's Batman #609, Hush was known as a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who went on a very opposite path from Batman. However, his controversial TV counterpart idolizes Bruce.

Aside from Hush's Arrowverse debut, the episode will also see Batwoman dealing with betrayal from someone close to her. She will also be relying on Mary Hamilton for the most part, not only because Luke and Julia have gone missing, but also since Mary found out about her superhero secret.

What do you think of Hush's look? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Batwoman's "A Secret Kept From All the Rest," premieres May 10 on The CW.

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