Batwoman is Getting Review Bombed in Rotten Tomatoes Because 'Fans' are Terrible

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The CW's Batwoman is what you'd expect from this network; a bit cheesy and not subtle at all but well-intentioned with decent action. Basically, if you like The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, then this is a show that should appeal to you or is a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, because the show is centered around a lesbian, fans have decided to review bomb the series on Rotten Tomatoes after only one episode has aired.

Admittedly, if you go through all of the terrible fan reviews, you will see a few that have legitimate points. Unfortunately, there are only a few good criticisms here as most of it appears to be from those annoying fans that hated Captain Marvel for having the nerve to feature a woman who wanted more diversity among critics. And these people call other fans snowflakes for not liking sexist/racist/homophobic jokes.

No, you don't have to like Batwoman if it doesn't appeal to your taste. The series is from The CW after all so if you wanted subtlety or smart writing, you're not going to get it, at least not right away. But review bombing on Rotten Tomatoes after critics have already given it a decent score just looks pathetic.


Bottomline; you're not required to like Batwoman but showing needless hate for a series that hasn't even finished yet, especially one that showcases an LGBTQ lead, is sad and hateful.

Fans can catch Batwoman every Sunday on The CW.

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