Battle the Ghost in New Trailer for Iron Man VR

While MCU fans mostly know the Ghost as an Ant-Man villain, he/she was actually an original adversary of Iron Man. With the release of Iron Man VR this month, a new trailer has revealed that Tony Stark will be going up against Ghost in the upcoming game.

Don the PlayStation®VR headset* to suit up as the Armored Avenger in an original Iron Man adventure!

Years after retiring from his role as a weapons maker, Tony Stark must now suit up to fight against Ghost and Living Laser, who have joined forces in attempt to take him and Stark Industries down once and for all.

While Ghost in the movies is able to phase into objects and turn invisible, her comic counterpart was also a master hacker. It looks like this game is going to bring those two versions of the character, with Ghost being able to hack into Stark's lab and also donning the suit that looks a lot like the one from the film.

Though the game doesn't share the same continuity as the movies, the inspiration is clear, what with Tony's lab full of holograms as well as the HUD when he's in the suit. Even the scene where he's saving a plane kind of looks like the scene from the first movie where Iron Man goes up against some military jets.

The game looks like a good bit of fun and should help build the hype for the release of Avengers: A-Day in September. Catch Iron Man VR when it comes out July 3.

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