Lex Luthor Easter Egg Further Emphasizes Why Lex is Superman's Opposite

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With the film celebrating its fourth year anniversary, there are a lot of things we're finding out about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Though Lex Luthor is considered one of the weaker elements of the film, there is an interesting Easter Egg that's been spotted about him, and director Zack Snyder confirms this.

A fan had pointed out that, Henry Cavill's Superman has not done his iconic pose from the comics where Superman has his hands akimbo. And while Superman has never done that, one other character has done it the classic pose frequently in BvS—Lex Luthor.

It's definitely an interesting take, and even Snyder's approval is kind of feels like an afterthought. Then again, for all the supposed ‘mess' that the movie is, there's a lot of intent when it came to artistic choices. Probably one of the most interesting is that Luthor's theme is that of Superman's, but it's played backwards and distorted.

I'll admit Jesse Eisenberg's Lex isn't one of my favorite versions, and it feels like the DCEU has kind of burned down his character before he can do some real damage. Then again, I'm always interested to see what Snyder had planned for him, especially since it was said that Luthor was supposed to have a bigger part in Justice League.

We don't know when we'll eventually get a Snyder Cut, but WB would be doing the internet a huge favor if they ever gave it the greenlight. For now, we wait for the release of Wonder Woman 1984 on Aug. 14.

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