26 Apr 2018 10:09 AM +00:00 UTC

Batman: Ninja English Dub Doesn’t Follow the Japanese Script

Batman: Ninja is currently available to those that enjoy getting digital versions of DC's animated movies and those that have seen it love it. Many put it in the upper echelon of DC animated films thanks to the gorgeous animation alone, though fans may want to watch it two times. Not just for the thrill of it but because the English and Japanese dubs wildly differ from one another.

During an interview with GameSpot writers for the English dub, Leo Chu and Eric Garcia, went into detail about the two versions and why they are different. Chu says the animation for both versions is exactly the same but the scripts for the dubs are almost completely different from one another.

"The Japanese version is different. All the visuals are exactly the same in the movie, but the dialogue is maybe 90% different."

Chu pointed out how different animation is in Japan, as they focus on animating the feature first before making a script. Western animated films tend to write a script first before working on the animated parts, so it's easy to see why Batman: Ninja is in a tricky situation like this. When they did get a rough script for the film it was supposedly only six pages long and they felt that it couldn't be used.

"The literal translation doesn't really service the story the way the American audience would understand, and some of the jokes just didn't translate at all. It was kind of coming through in pieces."

Though it was a challenge, Chu and Garcia did appreciate it since they were given the chance to work on the script without any editorial interference from Warner Bros. If only Zack Snyder could say the same thing.

Batman: Ninja is available now in digital formats. The film will get a physical release on May 8.

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