Batman: It Looks Like Kevin Conroy Wants to Work on Another Arkham Game

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A few days ago, Rocksteady marked the fourth anniversary for the release of Arkham Knight, and some consider it the perfect end to the franchise. What's interesting is, it looks like Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy wants to do more of these games.

This was his reply to Rocksteady's anniversary announcement:

For now, no one has any idea what Rocksteady is going to do next. A lot of fans on the Arkham subreddit are still eager for another game, but rumors have been going around that the studio is actually working on bringing Superman to life this time around. Hey, if they can make a perfect game for a character like Batman, maybe they have some great ideas on what to do with the Man of Steel.


Though Arkham Knight is considered good, a lot of fans still think that the best entry in the franchise is the second game, Arkham City. When it comes down to it, I think the story for City just wraps up better, and the flaws of Knight are that there are just too much Batmobile missions that it stops being fun.

Not to mention the obvious reveal on who the identity of the Arkham Knight was.

We don't have any announcement or teaser for the next Batman game, but Rocksteady is definitely working on something. Hopefully, we get some kind of reveal before the year ends, but all we can really do for now is wait.

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