17 Jun 2021 12:13 PM +00:00 UTC

Batman Forever Star Val Kilmer Sounds Off on Heated Batman Oral Sex Debate

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The entire comic book fandom is still buzzing about the revelation that DC Entertainment didn't allow Batman and Catwoman to share an intimate scene in the upcoming third season of HBO Max's Harley Quinn series. According to them, characters like Batman shouldn't engage in obscene acts because that not what superheroes are supposed to do.

Shockingly enough, the issue is causing quite the discourse on social media with the majority of fans thinking that the comic book giant's choice remarks about Bruce Wayne performing cunnilingus on Selina Kyle are downright silly given the fact that the caped crusader has always been presented as a dark and gritty character.

It even got the attention of former Batman actor Val Kilmer he took to his official Twitter account to weigh in on the debate. Sharing a GIF image from Batman Forever featuring Batman and the ever-so-sultry Chase Meridian, it's safe to say that Kilmer is as puzzled as the lot of us regarding the matter. He simply tweeted: "Does he or doesn't he…?" Check out his reaction here:

Taking into consideration that DC has always had the reputation of being a comic book company geared towards adult fans, it's indeed quite baffling why they're all of a sudden expressing concern about the public perception of superheroes like Batman, a character who has done some pretty nasty things in every media he's been featured on throughout the years. DC has yet to issue an official statement regarding the matter but hopefully, this doesn't lead to the character being watered down in the future.

Meanwhile, Val Kilmer's Batman Forever recently celebrated its 26th anniversary.

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