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Canceled Batman Beyond Movie Planned to Bring Back Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman

Last week, we learned that DC Studios canceled the Michael Keaton-led Batman Beyond movie that was in development as a result of the impending changes that are coming in the DCU with James Gunn and Peter Safran's new regime. The news got some fans heartbroken who were looking forward to seeing Keaton have his own solo Batman movie again.

In a recent Heat Vision newsletter from The Hollywood Reporter, they revealed more details about the plans for the Batman Beyond movie where writer Christina Hodson stopped her work for the film just two weeks after Gunn and Safran took the reign of DC Studios.

According to their report, the movie was planning to bring back Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman from Batman Returns as one of the storylines that they were going to tackle is a resuscitating romance between her and Keaton's Batman.

However, they didn't indicate whether Pfeiffer, who is currently involved in the MCU as Janet van Dyne, has already been approached to possibly reprise the role during the development of the project.

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This is certainly disappointing information for fans who were hoping that Keaton's return in The Flash next year would lead to more appearances including a solo movie project, which now seems to be in limbo in the midst of the changes in the DCU.

However, while all hope is lost, we also have to point out that there is a possibility out there that Gunn and Safran will revisit the idea or they'll include it in the DCU bible that they're mapping out at the moment. After all, we barely have any confirmed information about what they're going to do with the new DCU.

For now, all we can do is wait and see what they all have in store about the future of the DC franchise. Obviously, it would have been great to see Pfeiffer return as Catwoman in some capacity. At the very least, for now, we can still see her in a comic book property through the MCU.

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