Batman Begins' David S. Goyer To Direct Green Lantern Movie?

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Green Lantern Corps is one of Warner Bros' priority movies at this time since it could potentially start shooting this year, pending a release sometime in 2018. Rumors have come out that David S. Goyer, writer for Man of Steel and Batman Begins, is a possible candidate to direct the movie. Should we be worried?

Talking to Meet The Movie Press, Jeff Sneider revealed that Goyer "could very well wind up directing Green Lantern Corps himself." As of now Goyer is currently writing the screenplay along with Justin Rhodes, and with his track record of superhero films — particularly his work on the Dark Knight trilogy — fans might be satisfied with the way the story pans out.

Then again, Goyer's main credits were for story and writing. The last superhero film that Goyer directed was Blade: Trinity back in 2004, and that ended up being a massive bomb — but I wouldn't blame it entirely on Goyer; Wesley Snipes was known to have been very difficult on set — even strangling Goyer after an argument. On the bright side, it did give us an early look at Ryan Reynolds' potential for Deadpool.


Watch Reynolds improvise talking to Wesley Snipes without Wesley Snipes:

for a second I forgot that he was in Green Lantern (2011)

No official release date for Green Lantern Corps has been announced, but it could potentially come out next year, granted that Warner Bros. is pleased with the script.

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