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Batgirl Directors Set to Have Upcoming Meeting with James Gunn

Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah experienced a major career setback a few months ago when the Batgirl movie was unceremoniously canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery even though it was already in post-production. As the duo is figuring out the next step in their career, it looks like a return to DC is still in the books for them.

Speaking recently with The Hollywood Reporter, the duo reflected on the support that they received from the people in the industry following the cancellation of Batgirl with names like James Gunn, Edgar Wright, and Kevin Feige mentioned as the ones who reached out to them.

"It was unbelievable how much support we got," Fallah shared. "There was so much support from people in the industry, it felt like all the artists were supporting us, and that’s a great feeling, because you feel like you’re not alone."

However, despite the tumultuous experience that they had, the duo admitted that they are still open to working with Warner Bros. and DC for another project under one specific condition.

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Fallah said, "Yeah, we’d still work with them. But on the condition that the movie comes out. I mean, if Warner says, ‘Do you want to do the next Batman or Superman?,’ of course we’ll say yes. Just so long as the movie comes out!"

In addition, while Gunn has not reached out to them again ever since he became the co-chairman of DC Studios, they revealed that they are scheduled to have an upcoming meeting with him. "But the meetings are in the books," El Arbi said.

It is pretty interesting to hear that the duo is still interested to work with Warner Bros. after the "traumatic" experience that they had from the cancellation of Batgirl. Furthermore, it is surprising that they will have a meeting with Gunn soon and potentially talk about their possible involvement in a future DCU project.

Let's just wait and see if that meeting will bear fruit with another collaboration and, if it does happen, hopefully, the film will actually get released.

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