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Batgirl Directors Claim Brendan Fraser Gave Oscar-Worthy Performance in Canceled Movie

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Credit: Warner Bros.

One of the biggest missed opportunities that comic book movie fans have is the unprecedented cancellation of the Batgirl film last year reportedly due to lack of viability for theatrical release and it is also part of Warner Bros.' cost-cutting measures.

Unlike the numerous projects that were shelved by the studio over the years, Batgirl has completed filming and was already in post-production at the time when Warner Bros. decided to pull the plug.

There are a lot of things that we missed out on from the canceled project whether it's Leslie Grace's supposed debut as the titular hero or Michael Keaton's second appearance as Batman following his The Flash return.

Not only that, apparently, we were also robbed of seeing a terrific performance from one of its stars who recently won an Oscar.

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Brendan Fraser Gave 'Oscar-Worthy Performance' in Batgirl According to the Co-Director

The Whale
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Credit: A24

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah were asked whether the film would have been a hit if ended up getting released.

El Arbi responded by sharing his uncertainty over the potential results that it could have gotten since it has a lower budget although he did highlight that it has elements that the audience could love including Fraser's Oscar-worthy performance.

"It's tough to say — the movie didn't have a high budget, and I think that that's a big part of it. We had to keep the budget low, so it was a very grounded story. But the fact that the budget wasn't that high already would have helped it be a success," he said.

"People do love the Bat family: they love Batgirl, they love Gotham City, they love Michael Keaton and Brendan Fraser gave an Oscar-worthy performance in the movie. And the movie was supposed to be for streaming, which allows you freedoms that you don't get in theaters."

Fraser, who recently won an Oscar for his acclaimed performance in The Whale, was supposed to play Firefly, the main antagonist of the film.

It is interesting to hear that the recently minted Oscar winner also gave a performance in the canceled movie that may have warranted the same praise that he received in The Whale.

As we've seen with the impressive performances that he has given in the last couple of years, it's not surprising that Fraser was also apparently terrific in the film, especially since his character supposedly has a tragic backstory and motivation for his villainous turn.

This adds up to how missed opportunity it really was for DC fans that they weren't able to see the film and perhaps will never be since it was vaulted and its post-production was never finished. All we can do is ponder on what we missed out with this unfortunate situation.

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