Batfleck’s Batman Solo Film Location May Be the Infamous Arkham Asylum

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Ben Affleck's Batman may not be the best characterization for everyone (or anyone?). But we all have to face the fact that he is donning the cowl and the costume beyond the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

Whether he is also directing it—I am a fan of a couple of his films—or just portraying the Dark Knight in his own way, Affleck has previously confirmed that the film will feature an original story. This time, a new rumor is hinting that that story may just be set in the most iconic place in Batman's universe.


Arkham Asylum. If the sources that got in touch with Batman-on-Film are correct, the Batman solo film may feature Arkham Asylum. What's more, there's even talk that Batman is locked up in the psychiatric institution.

The report's sources are very much anonymous, so this should be taken with more than just a grain of salt. There aren't even explanations of the why and how he got there bit.

It does, however, point the film in the direction of having more villains in the story. This particular bit has already been hinted at before, a rumor previously claimed by Birth.Movies.Death, which supposedly puts a lot of Batman's enemies in the film.

This fares in well with the new rumor about Arkham Asylum, and one that goes into the grittier side of the Batman universe, not unlike Christopher Nolan's treatment of the epic trilogy.

To be fair, I would very much prefer that kind of approach, seeing as how I've always felt that Batman needed to feel like an anti-hero that "The Dark Knight" name anoints him with. I just hope it lives up to the hype, not unlike Batfleck's first entry into our movie radar.

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