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Barry Season 4: 5 Theories About How the Season Will End

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Barry Season 4 is about to come to an end, with only one episode left. With the latest turns of events, there are several theories about how the show will conclude.

From Barry (Bill Hader) saving his family to him helping NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) to kill Fuches (Stephen Root), here are the five theories about how Barry Season 4 may end.

Barry to Save Family

On a list made by Screen Rant, after the kidnapping of Sally (Sarah Goldberg) and John (Zachary Golinger) in Episode 7, Barry will surely rescue them from NoHo’s group.

Barry may end up killing NoHo, save his family, and escape Los Angeles to once again live on the lam. By the looks of it, the family may hide from their past lives forever.

NoHo Hank May Kill Barry’s Family

As Barry Season 4 has turned incredibly dark, the final episode may turn even darker with NoHo killing Barry’s family.

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After Cristobal’s (Michael Irby) death eight years ago, NoHo has become worse, not afraid of killing anyone anymore.

He’s all ready to kill Barry throughout the half of Barry Season 4, so he has a reason to kill Sally and John to get back at their patriarch.

Barry May Help NoHo Kill Fuches

NoHo may use Sally and John as leverage to get Barry to help him kill Fuches.

Barry has wanted to kill Fuches since the beginning, and with NoHo’s eagerness to also kill The Raven, these two may work together to bring down the major antagonist.

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As NoHo only kidnapped Barry’s family after his last hitmen were killed, it might mean he only wanted Barry to do the job for him.

If this happens, it will close all the Barry Season 4 storylines.

Jim Moss to Kill Barry and Cousineau

Another possible thing to happen is Jim (Robert Wisdom) killing Barry and Cousineau (Andrew Leeds).

He has already brought the protagonist to the torture room, and as he believes Cousineau has something to do with his daughter’s death, he may be on Jim’s list, too.

A Complete Barry Berkman Movie

Whatever happens to Barry and his family, the Barry Berkman movie may get made.

The show has been known for being a “cynical satire of Hollywood, and the fourth season has analyzed the industry’s “exploitation of true-crime victims.”

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So, the series may double down on these themes by completing the movie about Barry.

Though the movie may get scrapped, with Cousineau trying to shut it down, it may fail at the Barry Season 4 finale.

The Barry Season 4 final episode will drop Sunday, May 28.

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