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Bam Margera Net Worth: How’s the Jackass Star Today?

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Fans probably know Bam Margera as one of the hilarious cast members of the MTV reality show Jackass, but there’s more to this star than doing those dangerous stunts. He’s a former professional skater, actor, and producer.

So, how is Margera today, and how much net worth does he have?

Bam Margera’s Career

The 43-year-old rose to international prominence when he joined Jackass in the early 2000s and its subsequent sequels.

He then created the show’s spinoff shows, like Viva La Bam, Bam’s Unholy Union, Bam’s World Domination, and Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show.

He also tried his luck on the big screen, co-writing and directing the movies Haggard and Minghags.

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As a professional skateboarder, Margera started his career in 1997 and 1998, sponsored by Toy Machine Skateboards. He then officially became a member of Team Element but left the group in 2016,

He was various times supported by different sponsors. However, come 2022, he lost his major sponsorships and officially retired from professional skateboarding.

He returned to skating casually, though, renewing his partnership with Element Skateboards to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Today, Margera is worth $5 million.

Bam Margera, Steve-O Reunite

Margera and Steve-O reunited on the latter’s podcast, Wild Ride. There, the former opened up about his health scare in December 2022, via Variety.

At the time, news broke that he had been put on a ventilator as he couldn’t breathe independently after suffering from pneumonia. But aside from the illness, he also had five seizures and was declared dead.

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“Basically, I was pronounced dead on Dec. 8,” he said.

“I did not know that I had gnarly COVID and my body was shutting down. I went into four seizures, each one lasting 10 to 20 minutes,” he continued. “ On the fourth one I bit my tongue so hard it was nearly fallen off. It got so swollen and puffy it wouldn’t fit in my mouth. I was drinking the infected blood which gave me pneumonia as well.”

When he had his fifth seizure, he could no longer breathe without a tube down his throat.

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“I woke up five days later thinking I was there for just a couple hours. I spent eight days in there,” he continued. “When they took that tube out, I felt like I sucked on Darth Vader’s dick.”

Steve-O, alternatively, admitted that he thought Margera would die at the time. Fortunately, he’s now out of danger.

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