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Bad And Crazy Episode 11 Release Date And Time, Preview

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Bad And Crazy is constantly getting interesting, especially now that there are two more episodes left before the ending.

The ongoing tvN series stars Goblin actor Lee Dong Wook and Squid Game star Wi Ha Jun that tells the story of a man who has lived his whole life as a corrupt police detective.

Eventually, he transforms into a champion who fights for justice and against police corruption when a hidden persona called “K” awakens from inside him.

Bad And Crazy Episode 10 recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 2.8%, which was a slight downfall from its previous episode rating of 3.3%.

Here is what happened in Bad And Crazy Episode 10 and what viewers can expect in Episode 11.

Bad And Crazy Episode 10 Recap

Bad And Crazy Episode 10 sees Su Yeol missing the presence of K as he starts to not appear at the most critical moment. Even though Su Yeol calls out for him, he never comes out ever since he was stabbed by Jeong Hun.

On the other hand, Hui Gyeom receives a tip about Andrei and Boss Yong. The two have booked a ship going back to Russia. They decided to sell the drug business and escape the country.

Meanwhile, Su Yeol finally remembers everything that happened before his father died. It turns out that Jeong Yun Ho tried to manipulate the young Su Yeol to think that he was the one who killed his father.

This was the first time K appeared as Su Yeol’s hero and savior. K did not kill anyone and only saved Su Yeol from being beaten up by Yun Ho.

And at the right moment, when Su Yeol was at a tight spot, K reappeared to help his friend. Su Yeol was getting beaten up by a mysterious man who he thought was Yun Ho. When he looks outside the hospital, he sees Yun Ho watching him from afar.

Bad And Crazy Episode 10 also revealed that Jeong Yun Ho is actually Shin Joo Hyuk, the therapist at the Dream Youth Shelter.

Bad And Crazy Episode 11 Release Date

Bad And Crazy Episode 11 will be available on January 22, 2022, Friday. The tvN series releases new episodes every Friday and Saturday.

The Kdrama is also available for online streaming on iQiyi hours after its original network release. English subtitles for Bad And Crazy are also provided for each episode.

Bad And Crazy Episode 11 Release Time

Bad And Crazy Episode 11 is set to be released on Saturday, January 22, 2021, at 10:40 PM KST. The series airs new episodes on tvN every Friday and Saturday. International viewers of the Kdrama can also stream online through iQiyi.

If this timeline is strictly followed, you can see the approximate release times of Bad And Crazy Episode 11 according to the following timezones:

  • Central Time: 7:40 AM (January 22)
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 1:30 PM (January 22)
  • Eastern Time: 8:40 AM (January 22)
  • Pacific Time: 5:40 AM (January 22)
  • Philippine Time: 9:40 PM (January 22)

Bad And Crazy Episode 11 Preview

Bad And Crazy Episode 11 preview sees Su Yeol taking several appointments with Shin Joo Hyuk. He decides to talk to him about his split personality while looking for evidence that can prove him to be a psychopathic murderer.

On the other hand, Boss Yong discovers Andrei’s body and cremates him. Su Yeol managed to catch her and convinced her to side with them to catch the real culprit.

The preview also revealed a turning point as Su Yeol faces Joo Hyuk head-on.

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