Awesome Realtor Has Magic: The Gathering-themed Business Cards

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Looking for a home around Ottawa, Canada? Then you might want to summon this legendary realtor.

Donna MacAulay, a real estate agent for RE/MAX in Ottawa, Canada, has some awesome geeky business cardsinspired by the best trading card game Magic: the Gathering. The flavor text of the card states that she can "help planeswalkers find homes from the reaches of Orleans to the hills of Kanata."


The cleverly-designed two-sided business card starts out as a Land-type card that transforms into the Donna, the Legendary Realtor card. Check out these photos:

It seems that the cards have been great for MacAulay's business so far. MacAulay told the Ottawa Citizen she's had "a bunch of leads." MacAulay also expressed wish to expand the geeky theme in her marketing, so watch out for more from this "Legendary Creature—Sales Representative. I'd tap it.

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