Avengers: Infinity War Gets Digital and Blu-Ray Release Dates

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After recently concluding its run in theaters, Marvel has announced when Avengers: Infinity War will be coming to digital outlets and Blu-Ray. This appears to have been an accident since the official Avengers Twitter actually deleted the Tweets after posting the dates. Whatever the case, fans now know when the biggest superhero movie can be brought home.

Those that prefer digital will be able to purchase Infinity War on July 31, while fans that want to own a physical copy of the film can pick up the Blu-Ray and DVD on August 14.

If owning the film isn't enough for you, there are a number of special editions of the film that come up with plenty of goodies. Should you decide to pre-order the film on Target, you will be able to get a 40-page behind-the-scenes artbook. There is also a special edition In Red Chrome, which comes with a special Funko Pop of Iron Man.


Obviously, these special editions of the MCU film are must-buys for fans, so mark your calendars. This isn't anything new since recent years have tried their hat on the whole relatable superhero aspect.

Now that these dates have been revealed, Marvel can expect a ton of pre-orders. Avengers: Infinity War comes out on July 31 for digital and August 14 for Blu-Ray owners.

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