Avengers 4 Fans Take Their Outrage Out On Marvel’s YouTube Videos Because Of Missing Trailer

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Marvel Studios

Marvel fans were pretty disappointed last week. Rumor had it that Marvel would release the first trailer for Avengers 4 sometime during Collider's special screening of Avengers: Infinity War and its Question and Answer session together with directors Joe and Anthony Russo. However, the trailer never dropped, and fans were left hanging again.

Now, it looks like the fanbase has decided to lash out against Marvel, taking to YouTube to drown the studio's various videos in dislikes. Projecting their disappointment and their anger to Marvel Studios' YouTube channel, fans have been disliking various Marvel trailers and videos.


As Cosmicbooknews pointed out, the recent video Marvel's Runaways Kids just recently bumped up to 3.6 thousand dislikes after originally having only 1.3 thousand dislikes. Brush Up On Your Spider-Reading list before Spider-Geddon is Over just raised its 677 dislikes to 2.5 thousand dislikes.

Can You Name All The Spider-People earned 2.3 thousand dislikes over its 1.1k likes. The preview for The Gifted season 2 episode 9 just earned 1.6 thousand dislikes over its 355 likes.

It looks like fans are out for blood after the disappointment they felt last week. Fortunately, it seems like new rumors say that Avengers 4's trailer might drop this Wednesday Morning.

The news comes from DisInsider writer Skyler Shuler who just recently confirmed that the trailer would drop on Wednesday after Marvel releases a new trailer for Captain Marvel later tonight. Let's wait and see whether this rumor disappoints us again, or whether we'll really get the new teaser for Avengers 4 on Wednesday.

Avengers 4 premieres May 3, 2019.

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