Avatar is Coming to Disney+ on Launch Day

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Avatar, one of the best-looking yet ridiculously forgettable movies of 2009, belongs to Disney now and fans of the franchise will be happy to know that the film will be available in Disney+ during its launch. This means that if you actually want to remember what happened in this movie, Disney+ will be the cheapest way to do so now that the streaming service will be coming out next month.

It was the Disney+ Twitter account that confirmed James Cameron's Avatar will be available during the launch day of this streaming service. With the first sequel officially coming out in 2021, rewatching this movie might actually reignite some interest in this forgettable franchise. Sorry if I keep pointing out how unmemorable this movie is but how in the hell was it the highest-grossing movie at one point if most people can't even describe the plot after seeing it.


Disney+ is going to have a ton of content at launch, from the very first episode of Star Wars' The Mandalorian to a ton of animated Marvel shows from the ‘90s. While we're still waiting for shows from the memorable Disney Afternoon lineup of cartoons and the MCU live-action series that will set up new movies, Avatar should be enough for some.

Fans will be able to enjoy Avatar on Disney+ assuming that they haven't bought it on DVD or Blu-ray yet.

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