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Avatar 5 Shifts From Pandora To Dystopian Earth

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The inevitable is dawning on the Avatar franchise as earth will soon be gracing the screens in Avatar 5 for the Na’vi. While Avatar 3, which is confirmed to be titled Avatar: The Seed Bearer, is set to be released next year, James Cameron wasted no time in filming some scenes in advance and one of them happened to reach up until the fifth (probably the last) film of the Avatar franchise.

The first Avatar film and Avatar: The Way of Water were both set in Pandora, where the Na’vi tribes live. However, Avatar producer Jon Landau had previously teased that Neytiri and the other Na’vis will soon be introduced to life on earth and that is in Avatar 5. In a recent interview with Empire, Landau describes the timeline on how the Earth looks at the point where Neytiri and the Na’vi will be getting a glimpse of Jake Sully’s original homeland. Check out his full quote below:

“There’s over-population, and a depletion of our natural resources that make life harder,” Landau said, “But we don’t want to paint a bleak picture for where our world is going. The films are also about the idea that we can change course.”

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Given its timely message to our current circumstance with the ongoing pandemic, it seems likely that, similar to the previous films, the fifth Avatar film also radiates giving hope to its viewers. According to Landau back in December 2022 when he confirmed the Avatar 5 plot, the film will show the “juxtaposition” between the two planets:

“And just like we have something to learn from Pandora, Neytiri’s character has something to learn from the people of Earth, too,” Landau said, “The people of Earth who killed her family, the people of Earth who destroyed her home.”

Avatar: The Way of Water is still showing in cinemas worldwide.

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