Avatar 2 To Begin Filming in April

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Back in December, James Cameron revealed the target release date for Avatar 2, but it was recently bumped from its December 2017 release and left in a limbo without a specific release date. Even though we don't know for sure when the sequel to the 2009 blockbuster will be released, a new report revealed when Cameron will start filming.

Shooting for Avatar 2 will begin in New Zealand in April this year, according to My EntertainmentWorld (Via Comingsoon). Cameron recently talked about bringing these films to life:

"But I don't consider [hitting a release date] to be as important as the fact that when we get all three films done, we drop them a year apart. I call it a meta-narrative that runs across the three movies. Each film stands alone, but it also tells one much larger story."

It sounds like Cameron has an epic vision for his science fantasy franchise.It seems that he's aiming to a similar approach that Peter Jackson did with The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. Filming the three sequels back-to-back would probably give the franchise the big push it needs within a few years.

So are you excited to see the Avatar sequels?